This is a page where i would love to share some quizzing moments which i experienced.

Some of my podium finishes are
1. South Indian Bank Lions Quiz 2012 at Doordarshan with Sijo Varghese
2. Horizon 2012 with Faisal Navas
3. Dhythi 2012 with Sijo Varghese
4. Sferics 2012 with Vishnu Vinayan
5. Sporta Quiz 2012 with Varun Sasidharan
6. Sporta Quiz 2011 with Varun Sasidharan

Some of the quizzes which i enjoyed most even though i didn't reach the finals are .....

Mindscape 2011 at Kristu Jyoti college where me with Sijo failed to make it to the finals by half points(i experienced this a lot in my quizzing career). QM was Arun A S. Questions were excellent and crack-able.

Sporta Quiz 2011 at St.Thomas College, Pala was another one where we finished 2nd by just 5 points and the last question was about Fabio Grosso, the penalty which i failed to convert. Next year, we took revenge and finished top.

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