Sunday, 28 July 2013

QC# 83

Fatima Stoka Ascend Agneepath Illuminati Fatima

1. _____________ is a term which refers to the new economic policies advocated by Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe to resolve Japan's macroeconomic problems. It consist of monetary policy, fiscal policy and economic growth policies to encourage private investments.

2. Identify this novel which tells about the story of two brothers Udayan and Subash, one of which turned to be a naxallite and the other one a professor in New York. This is one of the 13 novels short listed for 2013 Man Booker Prize.

3. Which Indian folk dance was recently included in top 10 list of World's Most Amazing Local Dance according to, an international travel website. It is a characteristic dance form of Bhils(tribe) in Rajasthan ?

4. The pic given below shows the transformation of a statue in Copenhagen in 2004 as a protest against something. The protest was marked by covering the statue with a burqa. This is one of the most famous tourist destination in Denmark and the statue shares its name with a famous fairy tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Identify statue and reason for protest ?

5. Ayyappan Pillai, son of well known poet Karimalil Keshava Pillai, was a famous lyricist in Malayalam. He traveled throughout South India to propagate ideals of Gandhiji and later joined Arya Samaj and changed his name to ______________ , by which we know him or he became famous. His debut in film as lyricist also marked the debut of a famous South Indian music director X in Malayalam films.
Identify the lyricist and the music director,X.


  1. 1.Abenomics
    2.The LowLand
    4.Little Mermaid on Tukey joining European Union

  2. 1- Abenomics.
    2- The Lowland.
    3- Ghoomar.
    4- Protesting against the Turkey joining European Union.
    5- Abhaydev.