Friday, 12 July 2013

QC# 81

1. The personality shown in the photo is a western classical music conductor of Indian-Parsi origin who will become the second person to receive Tagore award. Name him and the first person who won the award.

2. In 1955, X was working for El Espectador, a newspaper in Bogota, when in February of that year eight crew members of the Caldas, a Colombian destroyer, were washed overboard and disappeared. Ten days later one of them turned up, barely alive, on a deserted beach in northern Colombia. This book, which originally appeared as a series of newspaper articles, is X's account of that sailor's ordeal. Identify X and the sailor in this story along with the name of the book.

3. Spot the odd one from the below list.
Henri de Baillet-Latour
Sigfrid Edstrom
Avery Brundage
Michael Morris
Juan Antonio Samaranch
Demetrius Vikelas.

4. In June 2013, scientists discovered a complete new species of bird which is given the scientific name " Orthotomus Chaktomuk" and is commonly known by the name ___________ tailorbird. 
Fill in the blank with the name of the country in which it was found.

5. Teg and Tarkash are the elder ones. Name the younger one?

Answers ::

1. The given pic shows Subin Mehta adn the the first person who won the award is Pandit Ravi Shanker

2. X - Gabriel Garcia Marques.
Book is "Story of  a Ship Wrecked Sailor" and the Sailor - Velasco

3. Avery Brundage from USA is the odd one because he is the only non- European president of International Olympic Committee till now.

4. Cambodia

5. The younger one is Trikand.
Teg (Sabre), Tarkash (Quiver) and Trikand (Bow) are the three Talwar class frigates being built in Russia which were inducted into Indian Navy. Trikand is the latest one.

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