Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Part 2 

16. The first direct experimental evidence of their existence occurred when three-jet events were observed at PETRA in Hamburg in 1979, although deep inelastic scattering at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre had earlier established their existence. They have negative intrinsic parity, zero isospin, and also lack charge and mass, although they do have color. Confined within hadrons and using mesons as force mediators, they are not directly involved in nuclear forces. Name these subatomic particles that cause quarks to interact and indirectly make protons and neutrons bind together in nuclei.

17. In formal language theory, they are equivalent to any finite state automaton and have three operations: concatenation, union, and the Kleene star. In practice, many more operations are defined, depending on the implementation. Name this term that describes a string that can be used to match a set of strings, found in UNIX tools like sed and grep and programming languages like Perl.

18. * 'X' is an English dramatist, poet and translator of the Elizabethan era and was the foremost Elizabethan tragedian of his day. He greatly influenced 'Y', who was born in the same year as 'X' and who rose to become the preeminent Elizabethan playwright after X's mysterious early death at the age of 29 from injuries received in a tavern brawl. Find x and y?

19. Who along with A P J Abdul Kalam wrote the book “India 2020 a vision for new millennium”.

 20. What is the first Domain name registered in online?

21. The X contains the (West) tower or gopuram of the famous Srivilliputhur Divya Desam temple in Srivilliputhur, at the center in yellow. The base consists of the Indian emblem (Sarnath Lion Capital) at the center in red colour with the Indian flag on both sides. X has two inscriptions in certain script. Identify X.

22. Which British architect design victoria terminal in Kolkata.

 23. Swaythling cup is associated with which sports.

24. * Jacques Lacan wrote that this reaction is simply the subject’s real belief in another. Freud described its “negative” form as the subject’s resistance to the uncovering process of analysis. A common form is the erotic, perhaps most famously exemplified by the desire of Anna O., the first psychoanalytic patient, to have the baby of Dr. Breuer. What is this experience of powerful feelings toward the analyst felt by the subject of psychoanalysis?

25. X” graduated from NIDA (Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art) in 1998 at the age of 
22. “X” received critical acclaim for his portrayal of "Arthur Wellesley" in his first professional role in the Belvoir Street Theatre production "Judas Kiss”. 2010: “X” was Named Australia's Most Stylish Male Celebrity by 'Madison' magazine.

26. What was the original Latin meaning of mathematical subject Calculas?

27. The Canadian company Authentic Brands Group bought the rights to her image from Anna Strasberg, the wife of Lee Strasberg, one of this actress's acting coaches. When she was a child, her mom, Gladys, once attempted to kidnap her by stuffing her in an oversize duffel bag. One popular urban legend and unverified Wikipedia entry about her is that she was the first Castroville Artichoke Queen. Name this iconic actress famous for such movies as "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" and "The Seven Year Itch".

28. * This composer was born into a Swedish family in 1865, but is considered a Finnish hero His last work was the tone poem Tapiola in 1926. He created no new works until his death in 1957

29. The state which banned the use of panmasala , gurkha for the first time.

30. The study of India’s culture ,traditions ,heritage is called Indology .What about the study of china’s culture ,heritage…etc. ?

31. Northern cities on this river include Bhamo and Myitkina. It is of formed by the confluence of the Mali and the Nwai rivers. Its chief tributary is the Chindwin and it runs through the Arakan and Pegu Mountains. The name for this river is Sanskrit for elephant and it flows through the cities of Mandalay, Rangoon, and Henzada. FTP, name this river, which empties into the Andaman Sea and is the major river of Burma.

32. * Boogie Woogie was an Indian Television dance show that aired on Sony Entertainment Television. Debuting in 1995, the show is hosted by Indian film and television personalities, Naved Jaffrey and Ravi Behl, who are also the producers and creators of the show. Javed Jaffrey appears as the permanent celebrity judge. Which (in)famous personality was its South Zone Champion in 1995?

 33. The death of “x” on 28 October 2012, at University Hospital Galway in Ireland, led to nationwide protests—which spilled over into India, Britain and many other countries—calling for a review of the abortion laws in Ireland. X, a Hindu Lingayat of Indian origin, was suffering from a miscarriage when she was some 17 weeks pregnant, and she sought medical attention and treatment at University Hospital Galway. Her requests for an abortion were refused, with her being told on one occasion that "it was the law, that this is a Catholic country. During the next several days, she was diagnosed with septicaemia which led to multiple organ failure and her death.

34. It may help account for the high energies of W and Z particles, and it is fundamental to the operation of Standard theory, but it has not yet been experimentally detected. It was hypothesized by its namesake in the 1960’s, and is believed to be the key to understanding electroweak symmetry. Name this particle which is believed to confer mass.

35. Goddess of the sky, marriage, and motherhood is the mother of both Baldur and Hod, as well as the wife of Odin, in Norse mythology. Name the goddess.

36. In the English Language, “null” varieties are commonly used to indicate singularity of nouns and the 3rd person present tense of verbs. “Cranberry” ones no longer have meaning, but remain necessary to differentiate between words. ”Bound” ones, such as prefixes, must be used in conjunction with a “free” one to form a valid word. Name this smallest unit of a language that has semantic meaning.

37. * Name the husband wife pair who won gold medals in the pools in the Helsinki Olympics (1952).

38. Name the Indian goalkeeper who didn’t concede a single goal during 1928 Amsterdam Olympics.

39. Recipient of the Man booker Prize 2013. 40. ‘X’ is a Filipino beauty queen, actress and model. She won the Miss World Philippines title and recently crowned as Miss World 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. She is the first woman from the Philippines to win the title of Miss World. Name ‘X’

 41. Youngest Bharath ratna Recipient.

 42. Which British statesman and the empire builder was the prime minister of cape colony developed Rhodesia, Which was named after him. 43. For which lady famed for her beauty, did British resident Johan Kirkpatrick built Rang Mahal Palace in the precincts of the residency.

 44. Name the great composer and musician who was the child prodigy and in which honour, a music festival is held in Salzburg (Austria) every year. 45. His original name was Ramatanu Pande.He symbolises the best in Hindustani music. Who was he?

 46. Who composed The Blue Danube?

 47. Which was the first talkie film?

 48. Expand ESPN (Chanel).

49. Name the autobiography of the cricketer (Indian off-spinner) E.A .S Prasanna.

50. His matrices are the equivalent of the Pauli spin matrices for SU(3), and the formula he developed with Nishijima provides a way for finding the isospin of hadrons given the charge, baryon number, and strangeness. The mass formula he developed with Okubo does an excellent job of predicting the masses of the baryon octet, allowing him to correctly predict many of the properties of the omega-minus baryon. Who is this physicist who developed most of the basics of the quark theory, which earned him the 1969 Nobel Prize in Physics?

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