Tuesday, 4 June 2013

QC# 74

1. This film which means "The Immortal" revolves around a story of human survival adapted from a newspaper article of a real-life crisis event, when three oil workers from India were kidnapped and taken hostage in Sudan by mercenaries. This film is inspired by a 2008 French- Liberian film "Johnny Mad Dog" which starred a real life group of Liberians United Reconciliation and Democracy child soldiers. Identify the film.

2. The official match ball for FIFA Confederations cup 2013 is the portmanteau of words Carnival, Football and Samba. It was unveiled by former Brazil captain whose shares his name with this ball. Give the name of the ball.

3. Identify this legendary sportsperson

4. Name the political cartoonist, anti-corruption and internet freedom crusader arrested on charges of sedition, cyber crime and insulting the national flag, Parliament and the Constitution through his work.

5. Which Indian literary critic was selected for this year's prestigious Kyoto Prize, the highest private award given in Japan for global achievement ?

Answers ::

1. Maryan, the new Dhanush film directed by Bharath Bala
2. Cafusa and the captain is Cafu who captained Brazil to 2002 FIFA WC victory.
3. Waldyr Pereira nick named Didi who played for Brazil in 1954,58 and 62 FIFA world cups and winning it in 58 and 62. He was the tournament's best player in 1958. He invented the famous "folha seca" free kick
4. Azeem trivedi
5. Gayatri Chakravorthy Spivak.

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  1. 1. maariyan
    2. kafoza(KArnival,FOotball,ZAmba)
    4.azim trivedi