Saturday, 8 June 2013

QC# 76

1. Which bird was selected as the state bird of Delhi recently ?

2. "Nirbasan" is the autobiography of which controversial writer ?

3. Which Indian railway station became the first to offer BluFi, a combination of Bluetooth and WiFi to provide information to passengers ?

4. Name the 165 km long and known to be the longest access controlled expressway connecting Greater Noida and Agra which was inaugurated on August 2012 ?

5. She is the first woman president of an Asian country and the daughter of a former president of the same country. Name her and the country.


1. Sparrow
2. Thaslima Nasrin
3. Bangalore City Railway Station
4. Yamuna Expressway
5. Park Geun Hye, president of South Korea and daughter of Park Chung Hee, former president. She was the chair woman of Grand National Party which later changed its name to Saenuri Party. Her nick name is "Queen of Elections".

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