Friday, 21 June 2013

QC# 79

1. X  was one of the illustrious ruler of Gwalior who was a great patron of Music and Arts. X  married the famous Gujari queen Mrignayani. Y  was one of the famous musician of his court who specialized in Dhrupad style of singing. Y  was given a title Z  meaning " the learned man" by Akbar  for his priceless contribution to Hindustani music. Identify X, Y & Z...

2. Name the Cambodian movie about the Khmer Rouge shown below which won an award introduced by Giles Jacob in 1978, at Cannes film festival 2013. Also name the award. 

3. The picture given below(left) shows the fragrance bottle in the name of a singer and (right) shows the barbie doll which was modeled after the same celebrity.
Identify this American rapper who was born in Trinidad.

4. Justin Rose recently became the first English player to win the U.S. Open golf since in 1970. Who was the last person before Rose to achieve this feat ?

5. "Committed to improving the state of the World" is the motto of a Swiss non-profit organization based in Geneva. It is in news recently with the announcement of its Indian chapter's 2013 meet in Kochi. Name the organization ?


1. X - Man Singh Tomar
    Y - Tansen
    Z - Mia

2. The Missing Picture

3. Onika Tanya Maraj commonly know by the stage name Nicki Minaj

4. Tony Jacklin

5. World Economic Forum

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